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WHAT IS SEAGAME? How many teams and countries are included in the organizational format? More information about this exciting event? JILI77 will answer all of your above questions one by one in today’s reading.

What is SEAGAME?

What is SEAGAME?

SEAGATE stands for Southeast Asian Games, an event that brings together all member countries in the Southeast Asian region (including 11 countries) to compete. SEAGATE is similar to a small Olympics, countries will compete in sports under the management of the Southeast Asian Sports Federation with the supervision of the International Olympic Committee and the Olympic Council of Asia.

The announced competition subjects are regulated by the hosting country, some subjects are different from previous editions. The purpose is to promote the national image of the host country, this is also controversial and many fans believe that SEAGAME is just a village tournament.

History of SEAGAME

Before there was the current Southeast Asian Games, in 1959 in Bangkok (Thailand), a sports event was held. At this time, it was called SEAP, organized by the Southeast Asian Peninsula Sports Federation. This is also the first time a sporting event has taken place between countries in this region.

After subsequent organizations, finally, in 1977 this sports event officially changed its name to SEAGAME due to the admission of several additional members in the region. Previously there were only 4 member countries, now there are 11 members and that is a long process of operation.

SEAGATE organization time

SEAGATE organization time

SEAGATE is held every 2 years, each time there will be one country in the 11 members of Southeast Asia registers to be the host. To be the host, this country must prove its ability and eligibility to host.

For slow-developing countries like East Timor, the possibility is very low, there are almost no SEAGAME events taking place in this country. The congress takes place in early May and ends around May 17 (2 weeks).

SEAGATE historical medal record

At the SEAGAME playground, fairness is rare when the host country is always the team with the advantage in all aspects. So the medal record of the host country will not go unnoticed. Particularly in the case of a team that is not the home team but has the highest number of medals, this is something worthy of praise.

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In the most recent SEAGAME (32) held in Cambodia, the highest medal tally belonged to Vietnam with a total of 355 (136 Gold, 105 Silver, and 114 Bronze). This is the highest number of medals in a single event. The team is not the home team.

SEAGAME competition format

There are no qualifying rounds, SEAGAME includes 11 Southeast Asian member countries and they will compete directly. In addition to football, which is divided into branches (round-robin format), the rest compete in knockout competitions.

Classification of competitions

Classification of competitions

The Southeast Asian Games has 3 different competition groups, which is also different from other sports conferences:

Olympic sports

Some sports participating in the World Games will be applied at SEAGAME, this shows expertise in organization. It is also a factor that helps the tournament approach the international level and brings high professionalism.

Not part of the Olympics

The World Games or ASIAD can choose several competition sports and they do not belong to any sports in the Olympics.

Traditional subject

Cultural and regionally specific competitions are applied when that country hosts. Therefore, you will see a few subjects approaching for the first time, of course, the odds of winning gold and silver medals are extremely low (the host wins them all).

Why is SEAGAME called the village pond tournament?

The name SEAGAME’s village pond has appeared for a long time in the Philippine audience. The reason is also the application of traditional sports of the host country, especially those that are difficult to accept.

Nowadays, the frequency of unreasonable competition is increasing. Even though we know they compete for medals, they lose quality and are not professional. SEAGATE is only attractive in countries in the region, other regions are not even interested because of this factor.


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