Discover Exclusive Promotion JILI77 Offers and Rewards!

Promotion JILI77 is considered one of the programs that always contains many surprises for bettors. Here, there will often be many great programs that can help players increase their financial power when participating in online betting. For more details, let’s explore the JILI77 promotion so you don’t miss the opportunity right here!

Promotion JILI77 Real-Time Rebate: Instantly Get a 1.0% Rebate on Your Bets

Exclusive Affiliate Program Making Money Easy

Conditions: For all old and new members in Promotion JILI77.

Promotion Content:

  • Get the highest rebate in the country!
  • Bet starting from 1 peso and get a 1.0% super rebate, no upper limit.
  • Refer your friends for high rebates!

How to Receive Rebate Bonus:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Click Member Center → Discount.
  • In the rebate mailbox, information on the total bet and rebated bonus can be found.
  • Click Receive to get real-time rebates, fast and unlimited.

Game Products and Rebates:

  • Slots: 0.7%
  • Fishing: 1.0%
  • Live Casino: 0.5%
  • Cards: 0.5%
  • Sports: 0.5%
  • Animals: 0.5%

Exclusive Affiliate Program Making Money Easy

Exclusive Affiliate Program Making Money Easy

Conditions: All old and new members.

Promotion Content:

Become an Agent and Earn on JILI77:

  • All members can join our Affiliate Program.
  • Share the referral link on social media.
  • Invite friends and family to join JILI77.
  • Regardless of win or lose, you get up to a 1.0% betting rebate as long as your members recharge and make valid bets.

Betting Rebate:

  • Slots: 1%
  • Fishing, Cockfighting: 0.3%
  • Live Casino, Sports, Cards: 0.3%

How to join:

  • Agent Register or Agent Login.
  • Contact 24-hour online customer service to review and open your account as an agent.
  • Settlement Time:
  • Daily settlement time [Agent Commission] is [Philippine Time: 13:00 pm – 12:00 the next day].
  • Contact 24-hour online customer service to apply.
  • Overdue as a waiver.
  • All agents are welcome to cooperate and collect their commission daily!

New Member Gift Package: Get 177p Instantly with Your First Deposit

New Member Gift Package: Get 177p Instantly with Your First Deposit

Activity Conditions: First-time deposit member!

Promotion Content:

  • Exclusive First Deposit Promotion:
  • 100% first deposit bonus!
  • Deposit 177 pesos or more for the first time and get a 177 pesos bonus.
  • Enjoy a 100% first deposit bonus!


  • For: First deposit member
  • Free Reward: 177 pesos first deposit bonus
  • Withdrawal Conditions: 1x wager
  • Gift Giving Method: Contact customer care 24/7 to receive promotions.

Note: After the first deposit, make sure to bind a real and valid bank card to receive the 177 pesos bonus.


  • Each player can only enjoy the discount through an IP address, name, and bank card.
  • If the member repeatedly applies for an account with multiple IPs, the company reserves the right to cancel or revoke the member’s registration bonus.

Steps to Receive Bonus:

  • Register and join 【JILI77】.
  • Link your bank card.
  • Deposit 177 pesos.
  • Contact customer care 24/7 to receive the promotion.

JILI77 will give 【Mystery Bonus】

JILI77 will give 【Mystery Bonus】

Conditions: All old and new members

Promotion Content:

  • Mystery Bonus:
  • JILI77 will give 【Mystery Bonus】 to all players who register or play on JILI77 from time to time.
  • There is no threshold limit and no upper limit for the bonus.
  • Even if you haven’t deposited anything in JILI77 before playing, you can still receive it.
  • Join JILI77 and many discounts are waiting for you!

Mystery Bonus:

  • Distributed automatically by the system.
  • No need to apply; the system randomly distributes lucky red envelopes.
  • The more you bet, the bigger your chances and the bigger your winnings!


  • The bonus will be deposited into the member’s account or the linked bank account in the form of a red envelope.
  • You will be notified via “Personal Messages” in the member center or by phone.
  • Bonus distribution is purely random.
  • Pay attention to 【】 and hopefully you will be the next lucky winner!

Random Distribution of 1 Billion Pesos on the 17th of Every Month!

 Random Distribution of 1 Billion Pesos on the 17th of Every Month!

Conditions: All old and new members

Promotion Content:

Member Day:

  • The 17th of every month is designated as 【JILI77】Members Day.
  • On this day, 1 billion pesos will be randomly distributed among all members’ accounts.
  • The more you bet, the more bonus you get.
  • Up to 1 million rewards can be earned!

Christmas Every Day:

  • 【JILI77】wishes Christmas to all members every day!
  • Expressing our sincere gratitude to all members who continue to support and trust.
  • How to Get a Bonus:

Random Bonus:

  • On the 17th of each month, log into your account to claim rewards.
  • Unlimited games; the more you bet, the greater your chance of getting a bonus.
  • Bonus distribution is random, so log in in time to not miss out!
  • Invite Your Friends: if your friends haven’t joined yet, let them join 【JILI77】.
  • You will believe that 【JILI77】 will not let you down!
  • Enjoy special rewards and discounts prepared for you!

Distinct Regulations for JILI77 Promotions

Distinct Regulations for JILI77 Promotions
  • All promotions will be denominated in Philippine pesos. All promotions apply according to the Philippine time zone.
  • All members can only register 1 person, 1 account, 1 IP address, and 1 bank account which must match the game account. If a member is detected registering an additional account, JILI77 will save the system and Confirmed not eligible for incentives.
  • JILI77 has the right to revoke promotions or confiscate bonuses if it detects that there are chain bets, group bets, and multiple accounts linked to abuse of the house’s promotions.
  • If a dispute arises about a promotional event, members must provide the necessary information and documents so that JILI77 can conveniently resolve the matter for both parties.
  • To avoid discrepancies in writing, JILI77 will make the final interpretation of all events and the bookmaker will have the right to cancel, change, or suspend the discount without notice to the player.
  • If any fraudulent behavior is detected at bookmaker JILI77, that member will have their account permanently locked and their balance frozen. If you have any questions, please contact JILI77’s customer service department for answers.

Above is all the information and a detailed summary of the super hot JILI77 promotion that the house brings to you. JILI77 hopes that the above sharing will help you grasp timely promotions, thereby giving you more opportunities to receive high-value rewards. This is also a motivation for you to participate actively and win more easily.